Centadrive® innovation
Centadrive® is subjected to a continuous product improvement program and, as such product design and specifications included on this web site are subject to change without prior notice.

Technical data sheets
available for download:
Drive Belt pdf
Centadrive Unit pdf
Electronic Control Unit (ECU) pdf
Operating Instructions pdf

To encourage easier collaboration and improve work flow efficiency between design and manufacturing work groups, a full range of 3D CAD models are available, please contact us for further details.

A ceaseless drive to make the last effort better than the last.

Continuous product improvement

and a constant search for innovation - Centadrive® has been developed in an effort to meet the needs of an ever changing market place.

Design integrity
Developed in-house and utilising the latest in dynamic 3D CAD software to ensure design integrity through digital prototyping, Centadrive® is the result of extensive research and development. Registered as a trademark and covered extensively by UK, European and International Patents Centadrive® represents significant investments in finance, time and resources.

Working closely with a network of strategic business partners, all of which are key players within their own area of expertise, Centadrive® has been; closely scrutinised by a number of reputable bodybuilders to help identify a streamlined installation process to improve productivity and workflow; and has undergone intensive long term trials with a leading UK logistics company.

Major fundamentals contributing towards the reliability and quality of Centadrive® and ensuring viability as a product proposition suitable for serious consideration within the rapidly expanding and highly competitive market for Ďurbaní multi-drop delivery vehicles.