Simple installation
2 experienced fitters, 2 hours - 7 simple steps. Minimised installation costs with the added flexibility of integrating Centadrive® into new or existing fleets. Buying into faster, safer and more secure deliveries couldn’t be easier.

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Fleet Managers the real benefits

Improved delivery cycles

When fitted to a number of ‘urban’ delivery vehicles working in and around London’s heavily congested metropolis, Centadrive® made a considerable impact on delivery cycles.

Giving vehicles a competitive advantage
A 10% increase in productivity was easily achieved with the average drop-off time reduced from 6 minutes to 4 minutes leading to around 3 extra deliveries per day per driver. Centadrive® innovation can revolutionise multi-drop delivery fleets when used with the new lightweight, composite door and a convenient remote-controlled operation.

Increased payload potential
In an effort to maximise profitability and remain competitive in the market place any logistics provider must continuously analyse a vehicles ‘payload’. Used with the latest in shutter door innovation Centadrive® can help to realise real benefits. Made from a unique blend of polyurethane and fibreglass, with a honeycomb composite construction, the new lightweight, composite door weighs only 19kg for a typical 7.5 tonne vehicle. Compared to 44kg for a traditional wooden dry freight door, this represents a significant weight saving opportunity of increasing payload potential.

Meeting the trend for out-of-hours deliveries
The move to ‘quiet’, out-of-hours deliveries is a growing trend and it makes sound operational sense to remove HGV’s from congested locations at peak times. When coupled with the new lightweight door, the Centadrive® system allows vehicles to ‘drop and run’, as an almost silent operation avoids the usual door noise and slamming which can have a negative impact on local residents and communities.

Added security
With the click of a button on a remote control, the door closes automatically, allowing faster kerb-side deliveries and ensuring it's never left open for that 'quick' delivery. Ease of use and convenience means no tempting short cuts to leave the load unattended are considered, which would otherwise compromise load security from opportunist thieves. An audible, in-cab alarm warns drivers if the vehicle is driven off with an open rear shutter door.

Built-in safety
To protect drivers, payloads and vehicles, Centadrive® safety includes an automatic retraction feature programmed into the Intelligent Control System which ‘senses’ door obstructions and the system is inoperable if the engine is left running. Integral ‘panic’ release levers allow both escape and door operation should the driver become trapped inside or outside the cargo area in the unlikely event of a system failure. Centadrive® safety addresses other key dangers normally associated with traditional wooden doors such as uncontrollable ‘swinging’ of barn doors and driver injury through ‘parachute jumping’ to close heavy, dry freight shutters.

Minimal maintenance
Smooth, controlled movement avoiding dangerous, heavy slamming or ‘flinging’ open of doors means maintenance is kept to a minimum. In fact, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, Centadrive® has built- in, intelligent, self-diagnostic software with an LED display to dramatically reduce time-consuming fault finding.

Environmental issues
The obvious advantage of reducing the weight of any commercial vehicle is the improvement in fuel consumption and payload. But the environmental considerations don’t end there. Fuel consumption is reduced even further as Centadrive® is rendered inoperable if the engine is left running, thus controlling extended ‘tick-over’ times during deliveries.

Further environmental issues to consider include; a notable reduction in noise pollution is achieved when using Centadrive®, as a controlled operation of the door eliminates the heavy slamming normally associated with traditional heavy wooden doors - a real bonus for out-of-hours deliveries; and finally a 100% re-cyclable composite door ensures a significant attempt at reducing CO2 obligations.