Easy to fit
Play the video to see just how simple a Centadrive fitting can be!

Centadrive® support
Instruction manuals, videos, and a dedicated sales team are all there to offer support and advice on the simplicity of installation and to highlight key benefits Centadrive® has to offer the multi-drop ‘urban’ delivery vehicle. A fully fitted demonstration vehicle is also available - a perfect opportunity to judge for yourself!

Available downloads:
Installation Instructions

Call 01922 471000 to discuss Intelligent Shutter Safety, or Request a demonstration at your convenience.

Fast, easy installation on new builds or retrofit upgrades

2 experienced fitters - 2 hours,

7 simple steps and only 3 wiring connections required. Installation of the Centadrive® Unit couldn’t be easier

Streamlined installation process
Working closely with a number of reputable bodybuilders part of Centadrive®’s design brief was to identify a streamlined installation process to improve productivity and workflow in order to minimise valuable workshop resources and vehicle downtime.

Fitted centrally within the roof space of the cargo area Centadrive® can be fixed directly to existing roof bars with no additional cross members required. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is then simply screwed to the bulkhead and once the 3 wiring connections are made, no fiddly adjustment of Centadrive® 's electronic settings are required. Just 2 clicks of the remote to 'cycle' the shutter mechanism back and forth along the track, before attachment to the door, is all the 'setting' that is required.

Installation - 7 easy steps:
1. Ensure free running of existing door, or to maximise performance, fit the new lightweight, composite door.
2 Bolt Centadrive® into position.
3. Screw Electronic Control Unit to bulkhead
4. Attach wiring looms - only 3 connections!
5. Switch on and test.
6. Attach linkage mechanism to the shutter door.
7. Drive away and realise the real benefits Centadrive® has to offer.