Inexpensive innovation Centadrive® is a cost effective, remote controlled, delivery door system, that is easily fitted on both new or retrofit vehicles. When coupled with our lightweight, composite shutter door, Centadrive® offers unrivalled capability and advantages, giving multi-drop fleets a real competitive edge in this highly prized sector.

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Further information on commercial vehicle specifications:

The way forward for all multi-drop delivery vehicles

The importance of good vehicle specification

is paramount as the capital cost of a vehicle may account for less than 50% of it’s whole- life cost when fuel, maintenance and other operating expenses are taken into account.

Improving ‘bottom-line’ efficiency
Fuel can account for up to 30% of operational costs. Clearly this is a significant amount and any reduction in fuel costs or improvements in operational efficiency can improve the ‘bottom line’ of any company involved in logistics. Spending time in developing an accurate and appropriate vehicle specification will help do this. Ensuring vehicles are closely matched to the tasks expected of them will improve both fuel and overall operational efficiency, leading to cost savings, increased profitability and reduced environmental impact.

On the other hand, inaccurate and inappropriate vehicle specification can result in purchasing a vehicle that is unsuitable for the task it will be required to carry out. Although such vehicles may be slightly cheaper in terms of initial investment, it may become significantly more expensive to operate when fuel consumption and maintenance costs are taken into account in the long term. Poor vehicle specification, in some cases, may even lead to breaches of the law and possible legal action.

Centadrive® - the real benefits
Centadrive® addresses key industry issues concerning the typical multi-drop delivery vehicle working within the inner city ‘urban’ delivery cycle and can provide the fleet manager with an efficient, safer and economical means to improve both fuel and operational efficiency, leading to cost savings, increased profitability and reduced environmental impact.

Centadrive® benefits:
  • Improved delivery cycles
  • Improved payload potential
  • Allows out-of-hours deliveries
  • Improved security
  • Addresses key Health & Safety issues
  • Easy to use - with Integrated safety features
  • Easily installed into new builds or as retrofit upgrades
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly

  • Centadrive® support
    Instruction manuals, videos, and a dedicated sales team are all there to offer support and advice on the simplicity of installation and to highlight key benefits Centadrive® has to offer the multi-drop ‘urban’ delivery vehicle. A fully fitted demonstration vehicle is also available - a perfect opportunity to judge for yourself just how easy Centadrive® can be!