Hidden benefits
Intensive long term trials with Aspray have identified a number of unexpected hidden benefits. Ian Barclay, Aspray's Operation Director, comments:

"Drivers loved the ease of use (the remote control offered) compared to manually operating the heavy barn doors and the fact they no longer posed a risk by flying open in strong winds and potentially injuring passers-by. They were also far less likely to leave the rear door open while they rushed to deliver a load, which inevitably happened before."

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Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Focus article (pdf)

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Innovation in action, the real benefits

Intensive long term trials with Aspray Transport

a leading nationwide logistics company, who specialise in a next day delivery service have proven Centadrive® particularly effective for inner city ‘urban’ deliveries.

Improved delivery cycles
When fitted to a number of their ‘urban’ fleet, working in and around London’s heavily congested metropolis, Centadrive® made a considerable impact on delivery cycles. Aspray saw a 10% increase in productivity with the average drop-off time reduced from 6 minutes to 4 minutes leading to around 3 extra deliveries per day per driver.

Increased payload potential
Continuous analysis of a vehicles ‘payload’ is always instrumental when it comes to any logistics provider’s effort to maximise profitability and remain competitive in the market place. The weight issue is proving particularly relevant to Aspray, as they have recently started to specify AS Tronic gearboxes on all new build multi-drop vehicles. Whilst offering improved fuel efficiency and reducing driver fatigue, the automatic gearbox made significant in- roads to the vehicles payload as it weighs considerable more than a standard manual box.

To maximise performance and realise the real benefits, Centadrive® can be used in conjunction with the latest in shutter door innovation. Made from a unique blend of polyurethane and fibreglass, coupled with a honeycomb composite construction, the new lightweight, composite door weighs in at only 19kg for a typical 7.5 tonne vehicle. When compared to an average 44kg for a traditional wooden dry freight door this represents a significant weight saving opportunity of increasing payload potential and has more than compensated for the heavier gearbox.