Centadrive® support
Instruction manuals, videos, and a dedicated sales team are all there to offer support and advice on the simplicity of installation and to highlight key benefits Centadrive® has to offer the multi-drop 'urban' delivery vehicle. A fully fitted demonstration vehicle is also available - a perfect opportunity to judge for yourself!

Call 01922 471000 to discuss Intelligent Shutter Safety, or Request a demonstration at your convenience.

Faster, safer and more secure multi-drop deliveries

Centadrive® - a revolutionary system

which solves a number of key problems inherent in the shutter door typically found on multi-drop commercial vehicles, working within the rapidly growing and increasingly demanding arena of inner city 'urban' delivery cycles.

The Centadrive® Unit
Activated by a handy remote-control key fob, the Centadrive® Unit (CDU) electronically controls the up and down movement of a dry freight shutter door. Powered directly from the vehicle's 24 volt battery, the system has been designed for fast, simple installation, with minimal wiring required - only 3 electrical connections!

Touch button control
Being remote controlled, drivers can operate the delivery door in seconds and the handy remote also means that drivers are less likely to leave delivery doors open while they rush to deliver a load.

A simple click of the remote key fob and a digital signal is sent to the Electronic Control System (ECS). The ECS then sends power to the combined high-torque motor and gearbox to drive a continuous, toothed drive-belt which is housed within the low profile aluminium track. In turn, the stainless steel reinforced and highly abrasive- resistant belt drives a shuttle mechanism along the length of the track. Attached to the top panel of the shutter door via a linkage assembly, it's this shuttle mechanism which controls the door and ensures both a quiet and smooth operation.

Built-in safety
With increasing health and safety awareness and
an ever growing litigation culture, very quickly during
the development of Centadrive®, safety became an
important criteria for consideration.
Centadrive®s built-in safety features include an automatic
retraction feature programmed into the Intelligent Electronic Control
System which 'senses' door obstructions - protecting drivers,
payloads and vehicles. An audible in-cab alarm warns drivers of an
open door should they attempt to drive off, and the system is
rendered inoperable if operation is attempted if the engine is left
running. Integral 'panic' release levers allow both escape and door
operation should the driver become trapped inside or outside the
cargo area in the unlikely event of a system failure.